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Bear Survival V1.2 Patch Updates

Bear Survival V1.2Bear Survival Patch 1.2!
The latest patch for our most played game is finally out! Here are some key features in the new version:

  • Comes in Installer form. No more folders.
  • Updated main menu with new music
  • Credits screen
  • Player Re-balancing
  • Enemy Spawn fix

You can download the update from either IndieCity (clicking the large red box) or ModDB by clicking the download now link. Please let us know what you think as your feedback is invaluable.


Bear Survival Patch V1.1

The patch for Bear Survival is out now! V1.1 is a big update that fixes NUMEROUS reported bugs and issues with the game as well as:

  • New Menu Music
  • New menu design
  • Ray gun DOES NOT KILL. Just stuns bears
  • Icon blurriness is removed
  • Sensitivity upped

Get it today on!