Indie City or ModDB?

As you know, we use and as two forms of publishers for our video games. Many people ask why the double platform, so here is an answer:

Our games are available on almost any indie game site you can find. We want our material out there, these being the two main ones, however. We do prefer ModDB over IndieCity for numerous reason, mainly being the client is bulky and confusing and requires a Indie City account.

However, We will use IndieCity for paid games exclusivly. No paid games will be released on to ModDB (unless authed by Desura). So if you are looking for our free versions, check out our MODDB, for all others, see our INDIECITY. We will keep all three titles to this date on the Indie City store.




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2 responses to “Indie City or ModDB?”

  1. drpid says :

    Hi there!

    Sorry you’re finding the client a bit of a chore to use 😦 What do you mean by bulky? Large in filesize or system footprint? Long start up time? We’re very open to feedback to help us improve the way things work on the site and in the client.


    Scott (DrPiD)

    • shatteredgames says :


      We’ve found players find it difficult to use. My audio engineer couldn’t even manage to download our game. It takes a whole for downloads to start and it just drags down a lot of time.

      Don’t get me wrong, it is amazing. I love the update push, the store and the whole idea behind it. I just feel there may be some issues that lay or may not have been fixed in a recent update. Haven’t tried it yet.


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