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The Final Cut – Pre-Alpha Public

Our next title, The Final Cut, is now available for public viewing at our ModDB Company profile. You can download the game from here. The game is in Pre-Alpha and will go through three stages: Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, PreRelease, Release. There will be patches periodically to download from that page so we suggest to bookmark the page!

Whenever the game leaves one stage and onto the next, we will make sure to post it here and inform you to download it. Alternatively  we will have weekly fixes and update the download quite often so be sure to check back.


For any bug reports, post them in the comment section on the download page.

Graphics for the game have not yet been finished up and will be added soon.


Donations and Open Market Fund

At this point in time, the progress of our game production has been slow. This has been due to several factors, the most prominent being a lack of time from classes. In order to help speed up production, we are asking for donations from the community, you, to help keep us alive. Donations will go towards purchasing usable scripts to cut down on programming time and in-game assets. This will also contribute to our Open Market Fund.

The Open Market Fund is our drive to receive enough donations to open our publishing up to either the Apple App Store, Steam Greenlight, or the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace (Playable on PC and XBOX). Upon donation, leaving a comment with which one you would like the most, or all so we know!

Quick Notes:

You DO NOT have to donate. This is only to help support us. Donations are NON refundable and go towards the two funds as listed above. If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

Thank you for your support.


Donations over $50 will receive a free Shattered Games Support T-Shirt. Please be sure to send your email as a comment so we may contact you. Thanks!

Indie City or ModDB?

As you know, we use and as two forms of publishers for our video games. Many people ask why the double platform, so here is an answer:

Our games are available on almost any indie game site you can find. We want our material out there, these being the two main ones, however. We do prefer ModDB over IndieCity for numerous reason, mainly being the client is bulky and confusing and requires a Indie City account.

However, We will use IndieCity for paid games exclusivly. No paid games will be released on to ModDB (unless authed by Desura). So if you are looking for our free versions, check out our MODDB, for all others, see our INDIECITY. We will keep all three titles to this date on the Indie City store.



Why we will not port to Xbox 360 [YET]

To answer a question we get on a regular basis, we will not port to the Xbox 360 or any other console, yet.

To break it down, we currently make zero income from games we produce. Why? We like getting our name out there, no one will buy a game from a developer they’ve never heard of with only one game out, right? So now that we are officially “out there” we will start charging a price for our games. Back on topic: To get into the Xbox 360 developer program, it is $100 (Dreamspark will not pay for publishing, only resources) to sign up for the program. On top of that, we need a hard drive for our Xbox (apparently the hard drive inside my Xbox isn’t good enough), which is another $100, and then, add $100 on top of that for the Xbox Live Membership. That is $300 from a company making $0 starting off. A -$300 deficit isn’t the best thing to start off with. Granted Indie Games are required to be paid from Xbox (no free indie games), but then again, how many of you knew Xbox had an Indie section? (not talking about the XBLA).


So there you have it, I hope this helps give insight as to why we stick to PC at the moment.

Shattered Games has 1,000 Downloads!

Between our 3 released games, Bear Survival, Jewel Hunt Pixel, and Target Practice, we have achieved 1,000 collective downloads. Our community of players is strong, and we cannot wait until we can give out alpha versions of Nations Under Fire (Post coming soon) so you can experience true FPS action in a military setting against human AI.

We’d like to thank everyone, 1,000 strong, for being a strong and supportive community. And for that, we will have an additional game out by the end of this week as a appreciation from us. Thank you everyone for all the support, feedback, and downloads of our games! We hope we can continue this trend into the end of the year and into the release of Nations Under Fire.


Andrew Pierce

Owner, Shattered Games