Regarding ShatteredGames.com

The domain URL shatteredgames.com is not owned by us, nor are we affiliated in any way with the owner of the site or content they post. Games on the site are not games we make.

We currently do not own a web domain as a wordpress domain is working perfectly with all the tools we would ever need. So please take note any content on Shatteredgames.com is not our content.



Andrew – Lead Developer

Why we will not port to Xbox 360 [YET]

To answer a question we get on a regular basis, we will not port to the Xbox 360 or any other console, yet.

To break it down, we currently make zero income from games we produce. Why? We like getting our name out there, no one will buy a game from a developer they’ve never heard of with only one game out, right? So now that we are officially “out there” we will start charging a price for our games. Back on topic: To get into the Xbox 360 developer program, it is $100 (Dreamspark will not pay for publishing, only resources) to sign up for the program. On top of that, we need a hard drive for our Xbox (apparently the hard drive inside my Xbox isn’t good enough), which is another $100, and then, add $100 on top of that for the Xbox Live Membership. That is $300 from a company making $0 starting off. A -$300 deficit isn’t the best thing to start off with. Granted Indie Games are required to be paid from Xbox (no free indie games), but then again, how many of you knew Xbox had an Indie section? (not talking about the XBLA).


So there you have it, I hope this helps give insight as to why we stick to PC at the moment.

Testers Wanted!

We are working on a new FPS, with an improved engine, improved graphics, and improved AI, this time you are fighting Zombie Spidiscorps, a mutated radiation accident. The game will not be released soon and is in Pre-Alpha phase, however, to continue our development of the game, we would like a better direction with user input. AI balancing is difficult without knowing the base skill level. So, if you would like to partake in testing our game, fill out the form after reading the following guidelines.

Once accepted into the testing program, you may NOT distribute copies of the game digitally or any means otherwise share it. You must play it for testing purposes, and provide actionable feedback, so that we may better fix the game while working on it. If you do share the game, post pictures or videos without pre-approval from Shattered Games, your copy will be remotely deactivated as well as shared copies. You will also be banned from the program. Please just help us out and give us feedback on what you would like fixed. IE: “The spawns could be a little more spread out” etc.

Bear Survival V1.2 Patch Updates

Bear Survival V1.2Bear Survival Patch 1.2!
The latest patch for our most played game is finally out! Here are some key features in the new version:

  • Comes in Installer form. No more folders.
  • Updated main menu with new music
  • Credits screen
  • Player Re-balancing
  • Enemy Spawn fix

You can download the update from either IndieCity (clicking the large red box) or ModDB by clicking the download now link. Please let us know what you think as your feedback is invaluable.

Shattered Games has 1,000 Downloads!

Between our 3 released games, Bear Survival, Jewel Hunt Pixel, and Target Practice, we have achieved 1,000 collective downloads. Our community of players is strong, and we cannot wait until we can give out alpha versions of Nations Under Fire (Post coming soon) so you can experience true FPS action in a military setting against human AI.

We’d like to thank everyone, 1,000 strong, for being a strong and supportive community. And for that, we will have an additional game out by the end of this week as a appreciation from us. Thank you everyone for all the support, feedback, and downloads of our games! We hope we can continue this trend into the end of the year and into the release of Nations Under Fire.


Andrew Pierce

Owner, Shattered Games