Why we will not port to Xbox 360 [YET]

To answer a question we get on a regular basis, we will not port to the Xbox 360 or any other console, yet.

To break it down, we currently make zero income from games we produce. Why? We like getting our name out there, no one will buy a game from a developer they’ve never heard of with only one game out, right? So now that we are officially “out there” we will start charging a price for our games. Back on topic: To get into the Xbox 360 developer program, it is $100 (Dreamspark will not pay for publishing, only resources) to sign up for the program. On top of that, we need a hard drive for our Xbox (apparently the hard drive inside my Xbox isn’t good enough), which is another $100, and then, add $100 on top of that for the Xbox Live Membership. That is $300 from a company making $0 starting off. A -$300 deficit isn’t the best thing to start off with. Granted Indie Games are required to be paid from Xbox (no free indie games), but then again, how many of you knew Xbox had an Indie section? (not talking about the XBLA).


So there you have it, I hope this helps give insight as to why we stick to PC at the moment.


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