Testers Wanted!

We are working on a new FPS, with an improved engine, improved graphics, and improved AI, this time you are fighting Zombie Spidiscorps, a mutated radiation accident. The game will not be released soon and is in Pre-Alpha phase, however, to continue our development of the game, we would like a better direction with user input. AI balancing is difficult without knowing the base skill level. So, if you would like to partake in testing our game, fill out the form after reading the following guidelines.

Once accepted into the testing program, you may NOT distribute copies of the game digitally or any means otherwise share it. You must play it for testing purposes, and provide actionable feedback, so that we may better fix the game while working on it. If you do share the game, post pictures or videos without pre-approval from Shattered Games, your copy will be remotely deactivated as well as shared copies. You will also be banned from the program. Please just help us out and give us feedback on what you would like fixed. IE: “The spawns could be a little more spread out” etc.


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