New Platform, Download easier!

For fans of our games, we are now offering two ways to get our games. The first being and now, So why did we add these folks in? Let’s discuss…

ModDB is a database essentially of mods, games, and tutorials. It is a gamers heaven essentially. For example, look at our Bear Survival page. Examine the menu under the titles name, we have everything you need for game specific news. We can post news for the game, jobs you can apply for, community reviews, comments, videos, mods, tutorials and more! ModDB also gives us immediate access to DLC capabilities. Meaning we can update Bear Survival a lot sooner and faster. This site also gives you the options to share easier, and track game updates or developer updates!

The download is currently in Authorization mode (Same idea as CAP, except the Admin makes sure the file is safe.) at the time of this blog post so it may not be immediatly available, not very sure. However it will be up for download soon on that page.

Bear Survival

Click to download!


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