New Games, Coming (Hopefully) This Week!

We have just finished development on two games, Jewel Hunt Pixel and Target Practice. They have been put into the submission and approval process at IndieCity and are waiting to be added to the store. They will hopefully be reviewed and published by the end of the week. Here’s a small overview of both games.

Jewel Hunt Pixel

Jewel Hunt Pixel is a Minecraft styled game (useage of blocks and deleting of said blocks) in which you have to find the treasure. It is a sandbox building game which allows you to make and shape anything you like.

The point of the game is to find the hidden jewels in this massive environment. Once found the game put you in free roam. There are 5 Jewels to find. Known Bugs: Sometimes the player can see past the terrain, Slow loading, minor glitches.


Target Practice

Target Practice is a Nations Under Fire pre-alpha (that early in dev). It features you in a target practice zone. You have the option of shooting a Spas 12, M-16 variants, Rocket Launchers, Grenades and even a sword.

The game doesn’t have a said end, but lets you play with certain weapons to see what you like.


Both games will be available FREE on and will be released sometime this week.


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